Recent Development Progress

There are more than 30 individual projects currently underway across the DeFi ecosystem and the Nebula ecosystem. Following are recent development efforts; effectively a continuous 'status report' regarding all projects.

Exchange updated to VCCX

The Vertisan Exchange is supposed to be a non-profit that exists to facilitate the needs of individuals holding Vertisan Coins and other cryptocurrencies. Since it's a non-profit, then technically the domain name should not end with ".com", because that is an indicator of a commercial organization. A non-profit should have a ".org" top level domain. As such, the Vertisan Exchange is now at the website address

completed by James Vertisan
Vertisan Exchange Website Updated

The exchange website was updated with multiple enhancements.

  • A random selection process was implemented to select sell orders for the home page.
  • The website was further optimized for mobile devices.
  • The build process was updated to provide a more granular view into individual assemblies and components.
  • More "About Us" information was added.
  • The new Vertisan Exchange logo was deployed to the website.
completed by James Vertisan
Fractal Object Models v3.2 are Live

The version 3.2 object models for Fractal are now live in production. The new models facilitate significant improvements to Fractal's processing speeds between Fractals.

completed by James Vertisan
Vertisan Exchange Sell Orders are Live

Sell orders are now live on the Vertisan Exchange. The sell orders provide the ability for holders of Vertisan Coin to offer them for sale. Completion of exchange transactions is still manual, but the exchange is fully functional and effective.

completed by James Vertisan
Vertisan Coin Website Update Published

Multiple updates were published for the Vertisan Coin website. Improvements were made to the website design, scaling for mobile devices, and responsive design. Significant middleware improvements were also deployed.

completed by James Vertisan
Technical Issue Resolved with Firewalls
#vertisancoin #exchange #cryptocase

There was a technical issue where the firewalls between the application servers and back-end data sources dropped all of their configuration rules. That was an issue that shouldn't happen because there are multiple firewalls and redundant routes. The anomaly was resolved by clearing all caches, purging all existing routes, and then pushing the rule-bases back onto the equipment. Testing has shown everything to be functioning normally.

completed by James Vertisan
More Vertisan Identity System Improvements

Significant progress and improvements were completed on business managers, stores, and validation:
• VertisanIdentityUserStore
• VertisanUserManager
• VertisanPasswordHasher
• VertisanIdentityUser
• VertisanPasswordValidator
• Localization for error messages

completed by James Vertisan
Extensive Work on Authentication and Authorization

Extensive work was done in the past several days on the data structures and data access implementation, which is used by the Vertisan Centralized Authorization system.
• Schemas were added and modified.
• Entity table structures were enhanced.
• Data modification timestamping was enhanced.
• VertisanUserManager was significantly expanded.
• Claims, roles, tokes, and logins validation was enhanced.

completed by James Vertisan
Exchange documentation, documentation, documentation

I needed to go back and thoroughly document the exchange website architecture, UI, CSS styling, JavaScript implementations, Sass, Gulp, and build process. Documentation needed to be done before moving forward with the next features release. If I get too far ahead without documentation, then I will forget everything that was created and introduce future technical debt.

completed by James Vertisan
Foundational Vecton Encryption website has been published

The foundational website for Vecton Encryption has been published. The website was finished with two rotating panels: one providing a few bullet points about Vecton and the second panel displays the Vecton shield logo. This is all that will be published for Vecton Encryption until after other ecosystem pieces have been deployed.

completed by James Vertisan