The Vertisan Team

Vertisan Corporation was founded in 2002 to "productize our excellence", according to James Vertisan. Starting in 2021, we have been growing rapidly with success of our DeFi and Social introductions. We try to keep up with new hires, but alas, not all of our team members are displayed here.

Executive Team

Mr. James Vertisan


James is the architect behind it all, making magic in his Secret Laboratory day and night. He is personally the creator of all the technology.

Mr. Troy Workman

CHIEF INFRASTRUCTURE OFFICER CCIE Emeritus #4854 Enterprise Infrastructure

Troy is one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to global-scale network services, routing, and security. His mastery has been clearly demonstrated throughout the last 25 years.

Mr. Charles Palm


Chuck is a master of communications with almost two decades as a professional podcaster; plus radio, television, and even movies. He is Vertisan's connection to the World.

Mr. Gregory Higley


Greg's technical knowledge and expertise borders on divine. His extraordinary breadth and depth with languages & evolving technologies make him unrivaled in defining our technological roadmap.

Core Team Members

Mrs. Olga Vertisan

Private Client Executive

Mr. Edward Silva

VP of Evangelism

Mr. Christopher Gill

VP of Identity Sales

Mr. David Poberejskii

European DeFi Legal Counsel

Mr. John Lai

Global Finance Specialist

Mr. E Agent Walker

Traversal Agent Walker

Affiliated Team Members

Mr. Brian Abela

Brand Ambassador