The Magic

Is there a magic formula for success?... we think so. The foundation of Vertisan's magic lies within our corporate culture.

Our Visionary

Every successful company is a collective effort from passionate, dedicated individuals working towards a common goal. And with every great company, there's a keystone leader with the creative vision and foresight to build a solid plan for the future.

James Vertisan is leading our way on this journey of technological innovation. He has over 25 years of experience as a successful developer, entrepreneur, and industry leader.

Vertisan Nebula

Paradigm shifts within technology have been a regular part of the technological cycle. Something new and innovative emerges to capture our imagination then draw us into a new way to do and think about things. That process brings about new ideas and the concept grows and matures until something else changes the rules yet again.

Welcome to the Vertisan Nebula... an evolutionary social network made for mobile.

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