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About Vertisan Corporation

Vertisan is the Silicon Valley braintrust, founded more than twenty years ago to materialize the creative vision of James Vertisan.

Vertisan DeFi Ecosystem

Vertisan DeFi Ecosystem

First-generation crypto as a whole is a proof-of-concept at best. Vertisan has brought its unique and keen insight to the world of decentralized finance, and created another masterpiece of technical innovation. In total, there are six individual entities that make up the Vertisan DeFi Ecosystem.

Vertisan Coin

The only cryptocurrency powered by Fractal, which can viably facilitate retail PoS transactions in milliseconds.


Vertisan Fractal

Next generation DeFi and public ledger network that processes transactions in milliseconds.


Intelligent, self-aware containers that hold digital assets and cryptocurrencies of multiple types.


Crypto Exchange

Buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital assets at Vertisan's non-profit exchange.


Vecton Encryption

Unbreakable quantized algorithms that provide encryption in transit, encryption at rest, and infrastructure-level encryption.


Vertisan Card

Use the crypto and fiat balances in your Cryptocase to make retail purchases in stores and online.


With unbridled vision and relentless execution, anyone can change the world.
Watch… I'll prove it to you.

James Vertisan

Creator and CEO


The Social Network

Paradigm shifts within technology have been a regular part of the technological cycle. Something new and innovative emerges to capture our imagination then draw us into a new way to do and think about things. Nebula reinvents social networking in ways that are refreshing and welcomed by users worldwide.

Nebula Social

The invitation-only social network that focuses on real-time interaction with absolutely no advertising, tracking, or monitoring of any kind.


Nebula Connect

Worldwide Vecton-encrypted real-time messaging that provides complete privacy, with no spying or hidden data collection tricks.


Nebula Apps

Smooth, intuitive smartphone and tablet apps that provide the complete social experience with zero advertising or tracking.


Nebula API

Complete backend social functionality for consumption by app and website developers with both dedicated and shared ecosystems.


The Man

Regardless of the endeavor, the creative vision and technical implementation is always driven by one man...

James Vertisan


James is recognized throughout the industry for his technical prowess, business knowledge, and heralded smartphone app success. His brainchild smartphone app, SHOTLY Golf, was featured countless times by Microsoft in their marketing and advertising. Both Microsoft and Telerik published case studies on SHOTLY as a best practice on exceptional app development architecture and design. Consequently, SHOTLY was the top app for a period of time on Windows Phone with over 2,000,000 registered users.

Past Products

There have been many successful endeavors for Vertisan over the past 30+ years. Here are a few highlights:

Recent Dev Achievements

There are more than 30 individual projects currently underway across the DeFi ecosystem and the Nebula ecosystem. Following are recent development efforts; effectively a continuous 'status report' regarding all projects.

More Vertisan Identity System Improvements

Significant progress and improvements were completed on business managers, stores, and validation:
• VertisanIdentityUserStore
• VertisanUserManager
• VertisanPasswordHasher
• VertisanIdentityUser
• VertisanPasswordValidator
• Localization for error messages

completed by James Vertisan
Extensive Work on Authentication and Authorization

Extensive work was done in the past several days on the data structures and data access implementation, which is used by the Vertisan Centralized Authorization system.
• Schemas were added and modified.
• Entity table structures were enhanced.
• Data modification timestamping was enhanced.
• VertisanUserManager was significantly expanded.
• Claims, roles, tokes, and logins validation was enhanced.

completed by James Vertisan
Exchange documentation, documentation, documentation

I needed to go back and thoroughly document the exchange website architecture, UI, CSS styling, JavaScript implementations, Sass, Gulp, and build process. Documentation needed to be done before moving forward with the next features release. If I get too far ahead without documentation, then I will forget everything that was created and introduce future technical debt.

completed by James Vertisan
Foundational Vecton Encryption website has been published

The foundational website for Vecton Encryption has been published. The website was finished with two rotating panels: one providing a few bullet points about Vecton and the second panel displays the Vecton shield logo. This is all that will be published for Vecton Encryption until after other ecosystem pieces have been deployed.

completed by James Vertisan
Achievement data entry process has been completed

The data entry forms have been completed to add, edit, and update development achievements. The data entry process is part of the administration tools. Also completed as part of the process are the data repositories and data access methods.

completed by James Vertisan
The Achievements reporting functionality has been completed
#VertisanWeb #VertisanCoin #ExchangeWeb #CryptocaseWeb

The entire reporting system to track and display recent development achievements has been completed. The first implementation is on the home page at A Recent Dev Achievements section has been added which provides details about recent work. The goal is to provide continuous feedback to users across all ecosystems about what is being completed.

completed by James Vertisan
Worked on Vecton website placeholder
Solidifed the Visual Studio project and all underlying C# coding.
Finalized the styles for the website.
Finalized the backgound image for the placeholder page.
completed by James Vertisan
Worked on achievements functionality
Created the functionality to list and add achievements (status reports) for the websites.
completed by James Vertisan

Contact Vertisan

Vertisan has been headquartered in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, but in the current era of social distancing, Vertisan generally maintains a virtualized workforce. In addition to offices in the US, Vertisan maintains some offices in Europe for externalized development and support.

Feel free to reach out by completing the following form if you require specialized attention. We have representatives all over the world, but electrons still move at the speed of light... so we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vertisan Inc
1555 Plymouth St
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
+1 650 505 0909

Vertisan IT Srl
Via San Raffaele 1
Milano, Milano 20121, Italy
+39 347 665 5582

Vertisan MC Srl
74, boulevard d'Italie
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