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Vertisan DeFi Ecosystem

DeFi done right from the ground up

First-generation crypto as a whole is a proof-of-concept at best, which introduced as many new problems as it set out to solve.

James Vertisan brought his unique and keen insight to the world of decentralized finance, and created another masterpiece of technical innovation. There is nothing derivative in Vertisan's implementation of DeFi; it was all produced out of 100% original thought, to deliver upon what DeFi was intended to be in the first place.

In total, there are more than 50 revolutionary pieces of unique intellectual property that make up the Vertisan DeFi Ecosystem. They are mostly encapsulated within the following six major entities:

Fractal Technology

5,000+ times faster than Blockchain:
Decentralized, distributed computing network that settles transactions in milliseconds.



Intelligent, self-aware containers, powered by AI, that securely hold digital assets, securities, and cryptocurrencies of endless types.


Vertisan Digital Gold

The first true digital money. A technological marvel that provides value persistence and protection for generations to come.


Vertisan Card

Use the crypto and fiat balances in your Cryptocase to make retail purchases in stores and online with biometric security.


Vecton Encryption

Unbreakable quantized algorithms that provide encryption in transit, encryption at rest, and infrastructure-level encryption.


Vertisan Payment Network

How to pay... reinvented. A lightning-fast, cryptographically secure payment network for retail and peer-to-peer transactions.


 With unbridled vision and relentless execution, anyone can change the world.
Watch… I'll prove it to you.

James Vertisan


Amazing Tech

Elegant technology solutions that are components of larger entities

Vertisan Particle
Vertisan Pay
Vertisan Coin
Vertisan Card
Universal Identity
n-Factor Auth
Universal Routing
VeNNeM Protocol
Digital Money
Fractal Command
Fractal Markets
Ring Contracts
NFT Nesting
NFT Coupling
RBAC Ledger
Base32 Math
7 Dimensional Lattice
Dark Energy
Dark Matter

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IPO... December 1, 2023

Vertisan's Initial Private Equity Offering

Purchase and trading of Fractal Tokenized Equity, Vertisan Coin Digital Gold, and Liberty Dollars goes live for worldwide public consumption on December 1, 2023.

The Man

Regardless of the endeavor, the creative vision and technical implementation has always been driven by James Vertisan. Everything produced by Vertisan is done so with impeccable taste and unmatched attention to detail. "Exceptional" is the only acceptable descriptor for anything and everything produced by Vertisan.

James Vertisan


James is recognized throughout the industry for his technical prowess and masterpieces of innovation. Visionary, creator, architect, and developer... James' creations have been featured countless times by Microsoft. Both Microsoft and Telerik published case studies on SHOTLY as a 'best practice' for exceptional app architecture, development, and design.

Past Products

There have been many successful endeavors for Vertisan over the past 30+ years. Here are a few highlights:

Contact Vertisan

Vertisan has been headquartered in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, but in the current era of social distancing, Vertisan generally maintains a virtualized workforce. In addition to offices in the US, Vertisan maintains some offices in Europe for externalized development and support.

Vertisan Global
2502 N Rocky Point Drive
Tampa, FL 33607, USA
+1 650 505 0909

Vertisan IT Srl
Via San Raffaele 1
Milano, Milano 20121, Italy
+39 347 665 5582

Vertisan MC Srl
74, boulevard d'Italie
Monte-Carlo, 98000, Monaco